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A Study on Organizational Management - 928 Words

Organizational Management Introduction Business need not to suffer from consequences of substandard goods. The goals of organization should remain vigilant to improve on the products they offer. It is common that many large organizations supply their clients with products that are not to the standard that they claim or advertise them to be having. This results in their clients having problems with these substandard good consequently forcing them to go to the homes and offices of the clients to try and fix the problems. The idea behind the large organization releasing into market products is to create something of great value and what satisfies the customers, however the organization has failed to do so. This has caused problems to organization and customers, making customers to solve the problem by themselves. Therefore, this paper evaluates these problems from economic, social responsibility and ethics perspective of view. Economic perspective Research shows that, selling of substandard goods to customers affects the companys economic standing in the long run. From economic perspectives, this will lead to a fall in profits. By providing substandard goods, customers can spread the negative information quite fast causing the organization to have a dented reputation which will be difficult to shake off. The company also loses time value as well as money running around trying to make up for their mistakes at the customers doorsteps. The competitors can also takeShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Studies And Management Essay1708 Words   |  7 Pagesprepared for: HRM3008 Organisational Change B.A (Hons) Business and Management (Cohort 5) October 2014 Module Submitted By: Kavita Dhawan (UON ID 14439311) INTRODUCTION Management has been proficient a long time period. Organized endeavors focused by people accountable for planning, organizing, leading, and controlling undertakings have occurred for thousands of years. As the initial days of systematic commercial and structural study, philosophers have contended that companies can understand aidsRead MoreCase Study : Organizational Behavior Management1261 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study: Organizational Behavior Management Case Study: Organizational Behavior Management KeAtis Hayes Ashford University MHA 601: Principles of Healthcare Administration Earl Greenia June 12, 2016 Have you ever been in a situation where you could see a problem in a group, but couldnRead MoreA Research Study On Organizational Management1588 Words   |  7 PagesAccording to Rappaport (1984) the word ‘empowerment’ have been used in literature of almost all disciplines such as economics, education, management, marketing, organizational change process etc., but the perspective and the context in which it has been used is different in all disciplines. In recent literature that has been written on the topic of organizational management, the word empowerment has not been defined, in fact it has been explained in a much broader way by not confining it within boundariesRead MoreCase Study : Organizational Behavior Management974 Words   |  4 PagesCase Study: Organizational Behavior Management Patient safety is the top priority when it comes to hospitals today. Staff and employees are first ones on hand to help patients remain in the safest condition while at the hospital. In this current case study Improving Responses to Medical Errors with Organizational Behavior Management Frates (2014) analyzed a hospital in southwest Virginia and performed an assessment regarding patient safety and the organizational management techniques that were usedRead MoreStudy of Organizational Behavior and the Effective Management of People948 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Kseniia Derkach Organizational Behavior I believe that the relationship between the study of Organizational Behavior and the effective management of people in organizations is absolutely direct. It is impossible to manage people in organization effectively without knowledge about OB, organizational structure, communicational skills, empoyees’ satisfaction, motivation, change process, etc. It is impossible to solve any problem or conflict in the organization without understanding of the rulesRead MoreOrganizational Studies and Human Resource Management and Group1064 Words   |  5 PagesnagementPrin of MGT Q10 2 (THIS IS CHAPTER 15 STUDY GUIDE) Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. In terms of group performance, the idea that: the whole is equal to more than the sum of its parts is the fundamental point in the concept of: A. A command group. B. Synergy. C. An interest group. D. A group norm. E. Social loafing. 2. Groups which managers set up to accomplish organizational goals are known as: A. Friendship groups. BRead MoreOrganizational Studies and Human Resource Management and Question4634 Words   |  19 PagesWithdrawal cognitions | | c) | Organizational commitment | | d) | Job involvement | | e) | Met expectations | Question 2 (1 point)    People from low-context cultures prefer _____. Question 2 options: | a) | Slow and ritualistic negotiations | | b) | To place great value on personal relations and goodwill | | c) | Agreement by general trust | | d) | To establish social trust first | | e) | To get down to business first | Question 3 (1 point)    You are a management consultant and an executiveRead MoreManagement Principles And Organizational Behaviour : Case Study1443 Words   |  6 PagesMANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR CASE STUDY 2 – MOTIVATION QUESTION 1 : What according to you are the reason for discouragement. Give your answer from Maslow s hierarchy of Needs. One of the challenges faced by Management is employee motivation. By motivation we refer to  «an employee s intrinsic enthusiasm about and drive to accomplish activities related to work. Motivation is that internal drive that causes an individual to decide to take action  » - Susan M. Heathfield ; ‘wwwRead MoreOrganizational And Hr Management: Best Buy Case Study Essay1406 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study of Best Buy, Inc. Best Buy’s History Main Characters: Best Buy is Minneapolis-based and is North Americas leading specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances. Throughout Best Buys 37-year history, the company has maintained the tradition of making life fun and easy for customers and employees, while providing a significant return to partners and investors. It has 80,000 employees and over 550 stores in the U.S., in additionRead MoreOrganizational Studies and Human Resource Management and Ghee Hoe2079 Words   |  9 Pages†¢ Early day Organization Structure 2 †¢ Decrease in Demand 3 †¢ Re-Organization Structure of Ghee Hoe 3 Organization Structure 4 †¢ Complexity 4 †¢ Centralization 5 †¢ Formalization 5 Measuring Ghee Hoe Organizational Effectiveness 6 †¢ External Resource Approach 6 †¢ Internal Resource Approach 6 †¢ Technology Approach 7 Recommendation of Approaches to Improve Ghee Hoe 7 Conclusion 8 Annex 1 9 Annex 2 10 Reference

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